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Cartooning Student Workbook

Cartooning Student Workbook
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55 page ‘Cartooning for Learning Workbook’
Great stand-alone resource packed with activities.
Enables you to reinforce and extend the skills learnt 55 page ‘Cartooning for Learning Workbook’.

A great stand-alone resource packed with drawing activities and exercises on A4 worksheets.
‘Cartooning for Learning’ Workbook is a great resource in its own right. However, as a supplement to the DVD the activities and examples will enable you to reinforce and extend the skills learnt on the video.

The reason I wrote this workbook is to help students learn the skills of drawing and apply these skills to learn more easily and be able to remember what they have learnt.
We know that it not always easy to study and many students find it difficult especially when trying to recall information for tests and examinations.
The ability to draw ideas is such a powerful way to remember what you have learnt. Yet many people believe that they cannot draw and even when they can, do not know how to effectively harness the skills of drawing in the context of effective learning.
I believe that everyone can draw – at least well enough to enable them to learn better.

By the time you have completed this workbook you will have developed drawing skills that you may never have known you had.
Furthermore you will be able to immediately apply these skills in lessons at school, for homework and for revising for tests and examinations.

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