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Cartooning for Learning DVD - Draw it and remember it!

Cartooning for Learning DVD - Draw it and remember it!
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Run Time: 90 minutes
Size: 660.0 MB
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In a a series of easy-to-follow modules you will learn how to draw great cartoons to make learning memorable.

It is a great resource for trainers, teachers, coaches and facilitators - in fact anyone who needs to get ideas across with impact.
Cartoons are an excellent way to make learning fun yet many people do not believe they can draw.
Learn in your own time at your own pace with this highly practical course.

In this course Graham will guide you through easy-to-learn steps that will soon have you drawing great cartoons.
You learn by seeing video demonstrations, animations and enjoying lots of practical drawing activities.
This dynamic course is packed with all kinds of useful examples and tips on using cartoons in training and presenting.
Just imagine being confident enough to grab the attention of a group with a quick sketch!

By the end of the course, you will be able to create attractive handouts and flipcharts to make your ideas instantly memorable.
In fact you will have a new and creative skill that you can use in all kinds of situations to enhance learning.

Studio(s): Vision Learning Ltd
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